Medical travel options are sought for a variety of reasons, including financial comparison, advanced technique, superior practice, and excellent results. There are dozens of medical travel services providing the basics. VIVAVOYA, in a class by itself, delivers an elevated, highly curated medical travel experience embracing the utmost in quality of service, privacy, discretion, and reliable security. We assure high net worth individuals a level of care above and beyond the basics, from top physicians around the globe in the most advanced facilities, embracing important luxuries appreciated by our discriminating membership.


Through the VIVAVOYA telemedicine portal, our members connect with global specialists. From initial consultation and planning through follow-up and continued care, members are assured of private, protected conversations with the world's most accomplished medical professionals, helping to make informed, intentional decisions for exemplary care. Quick, but not hurried, VIVAVOYA reduces time to diagnosis, linking members to an elite library of providers and accommodations located in the world's most beautiful destinations.


VIVAVOYA connects members with respected travel partners through close working relationships. Engaging the services of Quintessentially, the world's premier travel concierge, VIVAVOYA members have access to an extensive list of assistance from an established top-tier partner. Whether a first class airline reservation or a private jet charter, VIVAVOYA itineraries reflect comfort and luxury beyond the norm. We coordinate seamless ground transport providing smooth connections within bespoke itineraries. Every step of your travel path is secured through our high-performance partners, to and from medical appointments and procedures, as well as to points of interest and fabulous travel opportunities en route.


VIVAVOYA surrounds every medical travel journey with luxury, privacy, and comfort, holding our hotels, villas, resorts, and facilities to extremely high standards as perceived by Ritz Carlton, VIVAVOYA's advisory partner. Our arrangements with Quintessentially Group provide a cache of posh resources in highly-acclaimed medical tourism destinations, providing special discounts and added perks created just for VIVAVOYA members.


High profile personalities and top-level executives find the privacy and discretion of VIVAVOYA medical travel arrangements provides the extra insurance required to protect image, reputation, and perception. Entrusting the future to anyone but a trusted professional is unacceptable, which is why VIVAVOYA is the choice of a growing number of household names, both personal and corporate. We are the resolute standard in luxury medical travel for all areas of expertise.